Thursday, May 20, 2010

Moving Pictures

If you have already discovered this "Rocumentary" I apologize for being late to he party.
But.... If you haven't.... your in for a treat!
"It might get loud" is freakin awesome for anyone with a slight interest in Blues, Rock and Roll the the profound effect the electric guitar has had on this genre. Director Davis Guggenheim (from "A inconvenient truth" fame) brings three generations of electric guitar masters; The Edge (U2), Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin), and Jack White (The White Stripes) together one day to talk about their own individual journey to the status they hold today in the minds of millions of fans and the instrument they rode to get there.
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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cool Tech Toys

Unless you've been living under a rock you've might have heard about the transition from the printed word to "ebooks". Up until a few years ago, the display screens on ebook devices have lack the paper like readability that the new generation models have. Models such as Amazon's Kindle, Sony's PRS-700, Barnes and Nobles' nook and the new Apple iPad have each addressed these concerns and gone beyond book simulation by offering a multitude of added features.

I set out on a little research project to purchase one for the wife here's my quick take on the leading book readers...

Kindle (perfect for the traveling reader)
Pros: Large library access, quick downloads (60 sec or less from purchase) directly to the device no computer necessary, free 3G wireless access to , eink screen
Cons: Only works with Amazon books, not compatible with local online libraries.

Sony PRS-700 (Best Value)
Pros: Better compatibility (will work with your local library), touch screen page turning, eink screen.
Cons: Need computer access to load books, lacks 3G WiFi

Barnes&Noble nook (new kid on the block)
Pros: Touch screen. 3G&WiFi, able to share books with other nook readers, free reading available in B&N stores.
Cons: Touch screen key board is a little unresponsive, first generation platform

Apple iPad (way more than a book reader)
Pros: it's made by apple so you know it's cool (I'm a little bias, long time apple fan here), full function entertainment device, tablet computer.
Cons: $$$, all the features require LOTS of power (10 hour battery life compared to 2 weeks on the Kindle), first generation so bound to get better next version.

So, I decided on the Kindle.
Wife travels a lot so the wireless book download feature is a huge plus.
Cost of the 6" screen model (similar to a paper back in size) $250.00. Not exactly breaking the bank here. It's slim, light and the screen reads like paper. And lastly it's proven as the leader in ebook readers at the moment.

For more info check out this site top ten reviews and wikipedia

I'll let you know how it goes and please let me know your thoughts as well :)

Summer Fashion

Revamped Croc's, with a much cooler retro feel.
Great looking summer kicks for the beach, the boat the pool ....................................well you get the point.
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New Music

Local band in Salt Lake City
The Orbit Group
Very cool.... the lead vocalist has an amazing voice.
Check it out the their music on itunes "Live at the Bar Deluxe"